1. voyagerxp's Avatar
    I'm quite a newbie at iphones and themes but i've got a problem id like to sort out. I brought the theme boss and using the night icon mod for dark icons but the dreamboard and a few other icons do not get modded. I used i-fun box and went to var/stash/themes/ boss night mod theme and created a folder called Icons put the dreamboard icon in there. I made 2 dreamboard files, Dreamboard.png & [email protected] and resprung but the icon does no change but others i've done like facebook and tapatalk do. If i copy my icon folder to the boss main theme folder the icon changes but its oversized. Any help would be great as like i said im new at all this.
    2012-08-04 08:04 PM
  2. Bwfcrus's Avatar
    "themeiconmaker" in cydia
    2012-08-05 09:30 PM