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    This is the first time i have encountered this problem, even thou i have iphone 4 & ipad 2
    since more than a two years, both of them are jailbroken since i have bought them, and
    after every jailbreak release i update my device, rejailbreak and restored the data & apps.

    The problem is on my ipad with absinthe 5.1.1 jailbreak, i backedup all my data, apps
    to itunes ( with transfer purchases ), updated my ipad to 5.1.1 then
    jailbreak it, after that i installed , FolderEnhancer, SbringBoard, SpringBack, Barrel
    and other tweaks, then from the apps tab in itunes i checked sync apps and pressed sync,
    for 326 apps it synced fast, but the problem is when i opened my ipad not all the apps synced,
    the icons are there but it looks like it's still syncing, ALSO the major problem is i can't change
    the page it freezes between the two pages & resprings.

    I did this 4 times with changing the order of restore from back up & the jailbreak, also i increase,
    decrease & changed the installed tweaks from cydia before syncing apps, everytime this happens to me!

    mod edit, warez/pirated app repo removed.
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    I suggest you restore and remove all pirated apps and tweaks. Never a good thing as these most likely have corrupted your OS.

    The use of 'cracked apps' or 'warez', referring to commercial applications available on the iTunes App Store or Cydia Store that have been modified and distributed by third parties for free, is frowned upon by the community and against the forum rules; developers value your support! No support or help will be given in the use of them.
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    2012-08-05 11:55 PM