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    Hi all,

    I've lurked around modymi for several years now and upon trying to log in tonight just realized that I've had an account registered!

    Anyway, I'm a devout apple user, but one of the aspects of Android's UI that has always caught my eye was the google search widget at the top of the home screen. I've fruitlessly searched the internet for some sort of google widget, for use with dashboard x or winterboard (i.e. a skin on the google search app, or even chrome), that I could use.

    NOTE: I've seen the various google widgets currently avaiblibe for dashboadx, and while the serve their purpose perfectly (kudos to the devs), they don't offer the clean asthetics of the default android bar.

    Sorry for the novel, but does anyone know if such a tweak exist, or could someone instruct me in possibly themeing a currnt widget/app myself?
    2012-08-07 04:33 AM