1. Matt1997's Avatar
    Okay so we all know how hard it is to get Siri on iPad 2 through cydia. Everything doesn't work. So I was wondering, being that Siri will be on the iPad 3 when iOS 6 comes out in October, will it be easier to get Siri on iPad 2s. wont it be easier once they have siri to hack being that it will be on the iPad 3? All they would have to do is transfer it to iPad 2 somehow? Idk what's everybody's opinion?
    2012-08-08 10:32 PM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    My opinion is no. Apple knows people will try porting it, so that's why you don't see Siri files on an iOS device by default. Older iPad's will run a modified version of iOS, so my simple answer is no. It'll just end up being a lag machine like it was with Spire.
    2012-08-11 07:05 PM