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  1. Xx_Illusions_xX's Avatar
    My iPhone 4 is running extremely slow. I've tried removing tweaks! I just want to save my pictures! Since I bought the walking dead's in app purchase of the extra epsiodes will they still be there if I restore and the app redownloads back onto my device from iTunes?
    2012-08-11 12:54 AM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    It it best that you do a complete restore.

    Before you began though, uninstall EVERY tweak you have installed and check Cydia to verify it.

    This will diminish the chances that when you do a backup, itunes will not backup the tweaks or files related to it that may be causing the issue(s).

    Then do a backup so your in-app purchases will be backed up. Your photos should also be included in the backup. However, to make sure nothing happens, SSH to the location /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/ and transfer the 100Apple folder to your computer. This contains all the photos in your camera roll.

    Then do a restore, making sure to use a custom firmware if you rely on an unlock, then once you're done and Setting up the phone, restore from the backup, and verify your photos and in-app purchases are still there.

    After you do the restore from backup, then you SHOULD jailbreak again
    2012-08-11 07:10 AM