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    Hey, i got an odd request. Im looking for a theme where the homescreen shows a mini wallpaper in the middle with icons i guess going around it if that makes sense? The closest ive found was prestige hd and revi where the homescreen has a small wallpaper towards the top or whatever. Let me know if you need more information but i appreciate any help.
    2012-08-11 07:37 PM
  2. butler007's Avatar
    Hi there, I don't know of a theme like that, but here's how to do it yourself Copy this code into a notepad:

    <img src="Image.png" style="position: absolute; z-index:0; top:0px; left: 0px;" height="480" width="320"; clip:rect(40px 40px 40px 40px);>

    Change the values for top and left to reposition the picture, height and width to resize the picture.
    All the values are half sizes, so although it says the image will be 320x480, it'll actually be 960x 640 to start with (covers the whole screen). I think that applies to the top and left padding too

    Save it as Widget.html

    SSH it into your theme folder (var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX/YOURTHEME)
    Then find the picture you want, save it as Image.png and place it in the same folder.

    That should be it for you
    Hit 'thanks' if I helped, email [email protected] with questions, requests, and compliments
    2012-08-13 01:29 PM