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    Hi guys,

    I just synced my ipod with itunes (after jailbreaking my ipod and adding a few mods to it), to add a bunch of my old apps back. They all added fine - the only problem was that they increased the space between each row now, thus pushing my dock out of screen so I Can't see it. The only way I can access those apps and the dock itself now is through the search feature. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I've already tried respringing and restarting my ipod multiple times.

    A little more info:

    I am currently running a redsn0w jailbreak on ipod touch 4g firmware 5.1.1, using the latest version of itunes on a windows 7 pc.

    EDIT: Fixed by removing springtomize 2. I must've done something with the settings, damn powerful app.
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