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    GT GranTurismo

    Version 1.1 avaiable at Cydia, ThemeIt and iThemeSky

    Optional Homescreens: Facebook live widget, Analog clock or LCD only


    Very easy installation
    Great new icons incl. a icon mask
    3 different homescreens incl. a Facebook live widget !
    Brandnew, very complete and amazing UI and app theming
    Everything included: Lockinfo, NotificationCenter, Siri, ColorKeyboard, LiveClock and Zepplin logo
    LoadingScreens for every app !
    MasterPSD (incl. Clock) and Icons PSD included
    Fading multi-language info LCD display (English, German, Spanish or French)
    Separate LockScreen theme with all Homescreen widgets
    Optional Springjumps

    SOME more DETAILS:

    Optional Springjumps (see attachment here)

    LCD display (fully supports English, French, Spanish and German !):

    GT-Clock (very detailed, designed only for this theme):

    Amazing new icons:

    Facebook live widget for Homescreen:


    iPhone4 or 4S, iOS 5.0 to 5.1.1 (iOS 6 support is planed)
    Gridlock and OPTIONAL MultiWall (free at Cydia) OR PerPageHTML+ (paid)

    Yep, thatīs all you need this time. The goal this time was a beautiful and functional easy too use and install theme. No PerPageHTML, no Iconoclasm, no Springjumps is needed

    Installation of Version 1.1 (for Version 1.0 look inside the theme please)

    1. Download and install this theme.
    Enable the theme GT at Winterboard. Now decide if you want the Facebook homescreen, the
    Analog-clock homescreen or the LCD-only homescreen and also enable one of it at
    2. This theme uses Perpages, please choose one of the following methods to display them:
    a) Native Winterboard PerPages: enable the "GT PagesWinterBoard.theme" at WinterBoard
    b) PerPageHTML+: Enable all installed pages separatly within the PerPageHTML+ app
    c) MultiWall: Start "Settings">"Multiwall">WRITE IN at the top input field "GT" and respring
    3. If you use the Analog clock homescreen then place the clock icon (a small alarm bell) in the middle of
    the analog clock. If you use the Facebook or LCD-only Homescreen youīll have a "normal" themed
    4. Place/sort all your Icons and folders however you want.

    Additional themes:

    Start Settings-Zepplin and choose the GT theme
    Start Settings-LockInfo and choose the GT LockInfo theme
    Start SBSettings, press more, and choose the GT SBSettings Theme
    Start Settings-ColorKeyboard and choose both the GT landscape and GT portrait backgrounds and
    also enable the GT theme (the popup keys are allready included in the theme, you donīt need to
    choose them separately)

    For Setting up the Facebook widget please read the separate instructions inside the folder GT Facebook.theme
    It is complicated (mostly because of Facebook itself) but does work.
    If you make no setup or a wrong setup youīll only see a error message

    Setup for location, weather, language and clock:

    Open the confiq.js file at /Library/Themes/GT AnalogClock.theme/Setup/Config.js

    Override the location code at: var locale = ...............;
    Change temp from Fahrenheit (f) to Celsius (c) at: var tempUnit = "f";
    Change the digital 12h clock to a 24h clock at: var ampm = true; (write `false`here)
    Change the language of the LCD Display at: var lang = "en"; (write in "de" for German, "sp" for Spanish or "fr" for French)

    Finding your Yahoo weather location code:

    1. Open Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News
    2. Write in your city at the search field and press "GO"
    3. At the addressbar of your browser youīll now see something like this:
    This number at the end is your yahoo location code.
    For US users: NO ZIP CODES, please use only this number for the weather widget.

    You can copy and rework this config.js file on your MAC or PC with a Text editor and then copy it back to the theme or just rework it directly on your iPhone with iFile.

    NOTE: You can simply copy your reworked config.js file to any of the theme folders/setup to have the same settings everwhere (any widget and lockscreen) !


    - What about the upcoming iOS 6 and iPhone 5 ?
    This theme will be ported to iOS 6. When the new iPhone 5 and a jailbreak is aviable it is planed to port it.

    - What fonts are you using ?
    All photoshopped fonts are "Eras Bold ITC" and "Eras medium ITC".
    The special digital font for the widgets is included at the widgets.
    For the System font i use the bytafont-font "Coamei"

    - Why are my PerPages missaligned ?
    This is a WinterBoard bug. After each respring the pages are placed too low
    => Go into wiggle-mode to fix it or use one of the other two provided perpage methods. Tip: MultiWall is free and works great.

    - Why donīt i see a Lockscreen Battery while loading ?
    Any enabled Lockscreen theme always hides this battery.

    - What mods or graphics can i post/release here ?
    Anything, as long as you donīt post the complete theme

    - Why are some of the springboard graphics (folder backgrounds, player buttons, newstand icon...) unthemed ?
    Theyīre themed, please install/use the free app "ClearMyCache" from Cydia.

    - Snow cover crashes or doesnt work ?
    Yes, SnowCover4 has a bug, it crashes if you have no cover for your music and try to use swipe gestures. Disable the gestures or donīt use gestures if thereīs no cover

    - Why do I have the stock wallpaper when making phonecall/open a folder ?
    A general problem on iOS/Winterboard. Fix: Open the GT.theme folder and save "PhoneWallpaper.png" with iFile directly to your camera roll, or copy this graphic to your Mac/PC and sync it with iTunes to your iPhone camera roll. Now start the iOS Photos app and just set it as your new wallpaper.

    Please contact/ask the creators of this mods for support

    (made by Max_Pa1n)

    -> GT.MPAniLock.theme.zip

    Animated LS with (GPS) Weather
    (made by uhoffi and yamakasi73 with credits to Oldster and Ian Nicoll)

    -> GT ClockWeatherFinalLS.theme.zip

    CREDITS: Ian Nicoll with credit to Dacal for the original Clock/Weather widgets
    Marco for the folder icons

    RULES: Without permission it isnīt allowed to release this theme, parts of it, itīs graphics or widgets anywhere else or use parts of it for other themes. Yamakasi73 has my permission to post mods at the german forum
    Attached Thumbnails GT-1.png  
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  2. itsTrentB's Avatar
    Tell me it isn't so!
    2012-08-16 12:51 PM
  3. Blue's Avatar
    Itīs me. LOL. I started working on this theme 2 months before but coulndīt find a usefull concept for my graphics so i put it on hold.
    But I have a (already working) UI concept now
    2012-08-16 01:04 PM
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    September as in the supposed month of release for the new iPhone? O_o what do you know that we dont?
    2012-08-16 02:42 PM
  5. Blue's Avatar
    I know, iPhone 5 and iOS 6. I'll buy it.

    This theme will even look better on a large screen no problem for me to rearrange the graphics for a larger screen...

    But who knows if and when there'll be a jailbreak and when
    everything like WinterBoard will be ported, probably we're talking about 2013 till everything is running like we know it and I'm sure hundred of millions iPhone 4 and 4s users still like new themes

    I won't sell my iPhone 4 this time so maybe this will be the first theme for iPhone 4 and 5 but definitely it will be running on iOS 5 and iOS 6.

    by the way, youīll love my new icons

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    2012-08-16 03:14 PM
  6. jarniella's Avatar
    looks cool so far. Can't wait to see more!!
    2012-08-16 04:42 PM
  7. 2k1's Avatar
    Looking good as always blue.
    2012-08-16 04:45 PM
  8. luc_to_you's Avatar
    very nice Blue,we waiting more screenshots
    2012-08-16 05:27 PM
  9. Illmatic636's Avatar

    For the title alone!!
    2012-08-16 05:41 PM
  10. cl1ck4207's Avatar
    Wow blue at it again, I remember seeing a little preview of this in the notebook thread, awesome man can't wait, subscribed and ready to go lol

    And he'll yeah those icons look sick!!
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  11. Yugo's Avatar
    2012-08-16 08:24 PM
  12. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Omg wow! Blue ur back!? Dude this theme looks so dope. Are we gonna see this for the iPad 3 as well? Cuz that would be super sweet!

    And can I request to be placed on the beta test list? Lol
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    2012-08-16 08:27 PM
  13. cl1ck4207's Avatar
    Omg wow! Blue ur back!? Dude this theme looks so dope. Are we gonna see this for the iPad 3 as well? Cuz that would be super sweet!

    And can I request to be placed on the beta test list? Lol
    I'll definitely take a spot on that list as well if possible
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    2012-08-16 09:27 PM
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    I have an mk4 gt.... let it come boy!!!1
    2012-08-16 09:29 PM
  15. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Wow, exciting Blue. Can't wait to see more.
    smaller sig.png
    2012-08-16 10:53 PM
  16. KraXik's Avatar
    Yes Blue!!!

    My two favourite things - Racing and iPhones!

    Really hoping that the new iPhone is jailbroken quickly!
    2012-08-16 11:14 PM
  17. anig's Avatar
    boggady bogaddy boggady let the thunder roll
    2012-08-17 04:39 AM
  18. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Keeping an eye on this thread
    2012-08-17 04:49 AM
  19. sigit's Avatar
    please wake me up when september come..
    2012-08-17 07:21 AM
  20. tremme118's Avatar
    Jeez Blue you'll have a heart attack at the rate you're pumping out new themes.
    Looking forward to seeing some more previews of this
    Follow me on Twitter @Tremme
    2012-08-17 07:41 AM
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