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    I've looked everywhere for a template. I see how intense theme construction is. I think I understand why people don't share a template. With all the work that goes into making a theme.

    What I propose we work together on a theme that is the exact copy of an unmodded GUI.
    I think it could help us newer theme creators, and quicken the process for you vets. I think it will preserve the integrity of everyone's original themes, because people won't need to take yours and modify it. Competition has always proven to be benifitial for markets, contrary to popular belief, and it is my belief that it will bring in more creative minds to push the envelope even more which will help everyone to keep designing more and more complex themes.

    After all we jailbreakers do it because of apples unwillingness to open up there app market, and I know the jailbreak community because of its more open and large amount of open source projects have made the apple app-store and many others better because of it.

    I will work on this alone if I have to, but it will be much much better with your help. If there already is something like this then, lol, I can be a little grandiose. I know this reads like a campaign speech but hey it's election season.

    So if you vote for me I promise a theme in everyone's oven and a widget on everyone's dinner table.
    2012-08-19 09:30 PM
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    This wouldn't take too long to put together yourself, just get:
    -the folders from var/stash/applications and copy them into TEMPLATETHEME/Bundles, renaming them all from XXXXXX.app to com.apple.XXXXXX

    -The springboard.app folder from System/Library/Coreservices, rename in com.apple.springboard, and place it in TEMPLATETHEME/Bundles

    -Chatkit.framework, iPodUI.framework, PhotoLibrary.framework and TelephonyUI.framework from System/Library/ProvateFrameworks; rename them com.apple.XXXXX (here, XXXXX is the original folder name minus .framework, e.g. com.apple.iPodUI) and place them in TEMPLATETHEME/Bundles

    -MobileIcons.framwork from System/Library/ProvateFrameworks; rename this com.apple.mobileicons.framework and place it in TEMPLATETHEME/Bundles

    -MediaPlayer.framework and (possibly) MessageUI.framework from System/Library/Frameworks and then do as above

    -UIImages from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ulkit.framework/ (follow THIS tutorial http://modmyi.com/forums/general-iph...-tutorial.html) then save them in TEMPLATETHEME/UIImages

    -UISounds from /System/Library/Audio/UISounds and save them to TEMLPATETHEME/UISounds

    Also, [email protected], Info.plist, Wallpaper.html, LockBackground.html, Widget.html and [email protected] all in TEMPLATETHEME

    I'm pretty sure that'll be everything! Just replace he images with your own and you should have a complete theme!
    Hit 'thanks' if I helped, email [email protected] with questions, requests, and compliments
    2012-08-20 04:01 AM
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    Your awesome thanks

    Also, [email protected], Info.plist, Wallpaper.html, LockBackground.html, Widget.html and [email protected] all in TEMPLATETHEME

    Sorry don't know how to quote right, but do I just make those or steal them off another theme, I don't wanna I'm trying to keep this legit so anyone want to donate the plist And the htmls
    2012-08-20 05:37 AM
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    Oh guess I'm monitored(I think its cause i tried to quote ya,I'm paranoid too good job guys) but I got everything done except for first question and I have to wait for my pc think it will be fixed tomorrow I will then finish.
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    2012-08-20 05:52 AM
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    Ok, if you've got any more wuestions or you think of anything I missed, post back so anybody else who reads ths has all the info
    Hit 'thanks' if I helped, email [email protected] with questions, requests, and compliments
    2012-08-20 11:42 AM
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    My first question hasnt posted I was wondering where I can get, well if someone will donate so I can keep this legit, the plist and the HTML,s. Also, do you think I should go through and blank the images or something if I offer this up to all to avoid getting in trouble. If someone else is interested in doing it for different devices( ie iPad iPad retina or sd iPhones let me know I'd love to put these out there for everyone. One of you real devs that wants to make the adjustments for ios 6 would be a stud too.

    Also I know there are lots of tutorials anyone want to offer it up with this to explain how or what's happening possibly in a .txt errrhmmmm(butler) ermmmmphh
    2012-08-20 05:59 PM
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    Another question right now those files are huge what can I delete. Anything thats not an image? I'm sure the language file, probably dumb questions but you gave me bout the best most specific answer if gotten or saw online and now I need some of the more vague ones answered. Lol

    Also can anything be themed like lets say I wanna but in a sort of Easter egg for my wife if I change a .png in a game she likes to play will it be there for her.

    K maybe dumb observation but that name for app files won't always be so, if you are adding an app file check the info.plist for the bundle identifier, for example activator is com.libactivator. Also from what I've gathered looking at other theme files its only the image files that need to be in there...... I am how ever wondering bout font files or others I saw a .tif file is that a font or image file and if I really wanted to get crazy would I edit that one too?
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    2012-08-20 08:03 PM
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    Ok, so I started answering your questions in as much detail as I could, just to save any further questioning, and ended up going on a bit! sorry for the essay, but I'm sure someone will find this stuff useful!

    Yes, for you're template you can delete anything that isn't a .png, although, the strings files inside the language folders can also be themed so that your slide to unlock message for example can say whatever you want.

    For the plist, use this link: http://modmyi.com/forums/skinning-th...nterboard.html
    Not many people have a plist editor so I'll explain how to do it using more commo programmes
    Start a new document with notepad/notepad++/whatever you want to use and paste this text in:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
    <plist version="1.0">

    Then look through the list in the above link and decide what you want to do, the format is as follows (using badge style as an example):

    font-size: 14px;
    color: blue;

    This website is really useful for anything that uses CSS as the string: CSS Tutorial
    The file must end with

    The .html files are a lot harder to explain, there are a lot of different things that they can do, weather/time/date/RSS widgets are pretty common, but they can also be used to put a 'collage' together using picture frames, overlays etc.

    If you want a widget, I'd suggest downloading a theme with a lockscreen that contains the info you want, and then just re-styling it, which is pretty simple to do. At the top of any html file is a <style> section, which as you can imagine, sorts out how a it will appear. This is all coded for using CSS, meaning the above things can be used. Changing font sizes to 0 and removing the code that searches for particular images are probably the best way to remove unwanted information. If you want to include html designed by someone else in a theme you plan to release, make sure you get the creator's permission first.

    Creating images is much easier. Here's an example of what I mean incase I'm being unclear:
    My proposal for a group project.-img_1850.png
    Here, the greyish part is one image, with a transparent centre, and the picture in the middle is a seperate file.
    To do this, use the following code:

    <img src="Wallpaper.png" style="position:absolute; z-index:0; border-radius: 0; top:70; left: 51px;" height="286" width="215";>

    <img src="Overlay.png" style="position: absolute; z-index:1; top:0px; left: 0px;" height="480" width="320";>


    the <img src="XXXXXX.xxx" part of the code searches the folder that the .html document is in for the file described, it can also search other folders, for example <img src="Wallpaper/Images/Wallpaper.png" would search THEMEFOLDER/Wallpaper/Images for the file Wallpaper.png. The latter part of the code is more CSS stuff to sort position size, etc.

    LockBackground.html will appear on the LS, Wallpaper.html will be on the homescreen, and Widget.html will be on the homescreen 'above' Wallpaper.html. You can use the same html for any of them and the outcome would be the same, the only thing to bear in mind is that only LockBackground.html is interactive. This probably won't matter for most people, all it means that, for example the touchSpin lockbackground in Boss.ios wouldn't be able to spin if it were a Wallpaper.html or Widget.html

    Also, these same htmls can easily be transferred into PerPageHTML+.

    No, I don't think you should blank the images as most people will have no idea what each image does without seeing the actual picture! As all the images are available to anybody with an iDevice, I don't think anyone would stop you posting a dropbox link to the files.

    My take on Winterboard is that it works as new route for the iOS to search through files for. You're device knows the name and location of each image it want to find, but once winterboard is installed, it will search through active theme folders before it searches the default system files. Once an image is found, the device will stop looking for it. Therefore the images from the theme at the top of the list will be used, and any images for the same file in themes lower down, will be ignored. This is why it is so important that the names of the files are copied exactly.

    The size of the file is less important to copy. More often than not, you can completely resize and image, and the system will adjust to your change, sometimes with less than desirable results, sometimes with awesome results! (Not all images will accept resizing however, I find icons are less likely to be 'found' if the size is wrong). The thing that cannot be changed (as far as I know) is the 'start point' of an image. For example, if an image's start point is the top left, then adding blank space below and image and extending its size will make no difference, however, if the start point is the bottom left, adding the same blank space below an image will force the image upwards.

    I know you didn't ask for this, but it's pretty useful and since this is already a bit of an essay, I though it wouldn't do any harm to include it!

    com.apple.mobileicons will contain the images you need to create auto-theming icons. I have struggled when reading the most recommended guide (http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-2g-3...-theme-14.html) so I thought I'd write my own little description of how it works.

    Firstly, auto-theming only applies to app-store apps. Cydia and default apps must be themed manually. Secondly, I may get the names slightly wrong here, but once you look in the folder, it will become clear which images I mean!

    AppIconOverlay is the image which overlays your apps. However, this only works for some apps (decided by the app dev & cannot be changed) so it is recommended that you delete the image's contents and leave it as a blank image.

    AppIconShadow and AppIconMask are the two you really need to use. AppIconShadow is the shadow which will appear behind every auto-theming app (This is different to WallpaperIconShadow in com.apple.springboard which WILL be applied to ALL app icons).

    AppIconMask is the most important as it modifies the shape of your icons. This only uses black and white, and gradients of the two. Black areas of your image create fully transparent areas of your apps, whereas white areas create fully opaque areas. Therefore, a white circle inside a black background will give you a round icon, and a black circle inside a white image will give you an icon with a hole in it. White to black gradients can be used to make semi-transparent sections of the icon, this can then be used in combination with the appiconShadow to give shadow or shine effects.

    Most importantly, AppIconMask MUST be saved as a 24-bit png file (or save for web) in photoshop, there is an option for this (I think!) If you use GIMP, I'd recommend downloading irfanview as it's very lightweight and can utilise a plug-in for the save for web option.

    If you play around with this, then I'm sure you'll quickly discover the flaw with this; that icons with irregular shapes which contain transparent areas themselves (see my icons above) will get a black 'shadow' in the shape of you AppIconMask. To fix this, you must enable summerboard mode in winterboard. Then, create a file called 'Icons' inside your theme folder. Save your irregular shaped icons here, under two different names; XXXX.png and [email protected], where XXXX is the app name exactly how it appears on the springboard for example Facebook.png and [email protected]. Icons placed in this folder will ignore anything inside the com.apple.mobileicons folder, therefore they won't have to suffer the effects of AppIconShadows,Masks, or even Overlays.

    Theming apps
    'Easter eggs' should be possible without a problem, as far as I can tell all images like that would work just as all the more commonly themed images do (although I'm not promising it because I've never tried!)

    For everyone who needs it, here's also how to theme images (including the icons) all you apps, cydia or app store.

    Firstly, download app info from cydia, it will tell you all you need to know most of the time.

    For an appstore app, open app info, click on the app and find where it says Id : this is what you must name the folder inside your Bundles folder (e.g. com.google.chrome.ios) below this you will see what the icon image must be named.

    For Cydia apps, the above method sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't work. If it doesn't, do the following instead:
    -Browse to var/stash/Applications/APPNAME and open the info.plist
    -the CFBundleIdentifier is what you must name the folder inside you Bundles folder
    -the CFBundleIconFiles is what the icon must be named

    Side notes
    I don't know the answer to your font question! You've got me beat on that one, so have a play around, see if it works and then report back?

    Could someone sticky this post? Preferably in the Skinning/Themes discussion area rather than just the winterboard one as that one tends to get more views
    Hit 'thanks' if I helped, email [email protected] with questions, requests, and compliments
    2012-08-20 08:55 PM
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    I always use a "template", I call it RAW.theme. That is where i keep a copy of frameworks, privateframeworks, userapplications and systemapplications. I did remove all the language setting things, besides the .pngs there is only the info.plist left. As said by butler007, you do sometimes need the strings folder, because thay rarely contain pngs specific for that country, for example the compass.app uses a different compass for each country as it shows NoEaWeSo in the matching language. But those are very very uncommon for theming, most of the time it will be only in english, as ist works just fine.
    And believe me, all the "great" themers have such a thing like the RAW.theme from where they start of. The problme I see is, that editing all the systemfiles in the folders and renaming them according to their BundleIdentifiers ist to newbies and fun-themers very complex. I would simply create an empty theme and turn on the option in winterboard under Advanced(for themers). This will give you a good startingpoint for differnatiating the UIimages. You will most likley not need more thatn that. For Icons I believe winterboard has the option of an Icon folder where you simply put the icons named after their apps ( safari.app.png ), so you don't have to handle all thecom.apple.mobilesafari/[email protected] stuff

    I hope this gives you a perspective, and keep in mind what butler007 said

    2012-08-22 08:20 PM
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    thanks guys k i was just going through files and noticed image files with bundleids they are assistant uiplugins what are these and what do i do with them if anything.

    here are a few more
    internet services
    preference bundles
    private frameworks
    publishing bundles
    weeapp plugins
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