1. swat48103's Avatar
    was hopeing some one might be interested in updating the theme "Death Dealer" for use on an iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 thanks guys
    2012-08-21 11:59 PM
  2. fru1tfly's Avatar
    Well, im stuck on a problem with Cycon right now, I did just made a thread about it looking for help. But since I do have some hours of freetime now, I will look at it. Can you tell me whats wrong with it? I will try it tho. But im on the 4S, shouldn't be a big difference in the directories/files. I will comment on this in a couple of hours


    Edit: Ok, thats a really simple theme. It mostly needs upgraded @2x graphics, thats it. But since I do not have the original files i simply cannot make it look perfect. I will upscale, rename, reorder and overdo it tho. shouldn't take more thatn like 1, 1/2 hrs
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    2012-08-22 07:14 PM
  3. swat48103's Avatar
    Wow that doesn't sound that bad at all lol there's also some dock images and a few other things with it that don't work. But yeah the icons aren't hd either
    2012-08-22 10:10 PM
  4. fru1tfly's Avatar
    Problems: O first thought it's only a thing of changing the files to 2x ones. Nope.
    It seems to be a very old theme as it is unsing UIImages that arent supportet by winterboard anymore, I believe. There are for example tons of pngs for the keyboard.. To recreate this theme to run on 5.1.1 you need the original files and alot of time.
    If you find someone, thats great. But im busy with Cycon now, and to be honest I think this is just a fun theme, there are thousands of them out there: Go hunt!

    2012-08-23 02:19 AM