1. DanaŽl's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone, i'm very glad to see all those support.
    For sure, every mod of this theme is greatly appreciated, and for sure, you can share them everywhere you want, but only if you give me small credits for the original theme.

    Also, few peoples told me that they have a problem with the camera icon in iOS 5.0.1
    Can someone tell me what was the name of the camera icon .png for iOS 5.0.1 ? Thanks
    2012-09-15 03:45 PM
  2. Kensiv's Avatar
    Where can i find the street wallpaper?
    2012-10-10 12:18 PM
  3. kylegerard's Avatar
    I really love this lockscreen but i just can't figure out with how to customize it. I'm fairly new with JB.

    So what i wanna happen is for the time and date to be displayed at the top right above Hulk's hair.
    Also, i'd like to add in weather information that i've seen other people do. If it helps from what i know my weather code is (rpxx0026)

    I really tried editing the codes using iFile but whenever i go to the directory of the lockscreen, i don't see the configure.me button. And also i don't know where or how to edit the things. Will be attaching the screenies below.

    Also, if anyone could change the arrow icon on the left to maybe a padlock or a custom icon, that would be great!

    Danael M9 Lockscreen 2.0 [Free]-img_0014-1-.pngDanael M9 Lockscreen 2.0 [Free]-img_0015-1-.png
    2013-02-27 05:46 AM
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