1. Alexzandra's Avatar
    Would really appreciate a free and detailed, clear concise tutorial. All that I've found either cost money or are so grammatically incorrect that you can't understand the instructions at all.

    Personally, I'm running iPhone 4..redsn0w Cydia jailbreak..5.1.1 and could use

    -Sprint to Verizon
    -Verizon to Sprint
    -Sprint to PagePlus
    -Verizon to PagePlus

    You'd think this info would be more readily available..am I just missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated! =)
    2012-09-01 05:15 AM
  2. Alexzandra's Avatar
    650 views and zero replies...really? Does nobody really know how to do this? It's possible...this guy does it with 100% positive feedback:

    Flash / Activate Sprint iPhone 4 Bad ESN To Page Plus w/ Web Data,& MMS Pic Msg | eBay
    2012-09-02 12:55 AM