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    You will need to be able to SSH into your device I use WinSCP. Their are other topics on how you can do this if don't already just do a simple search on Google.

    You will need a program to modify PNG files, I use Paint.Net

    The location of the file you need to modify is. (root\ system\ library\ frameworks\ mediaplayer.framework)

    The file name is ([email protected])

    Copy the file to your desktop.

    Open the file up in your photo editor.

    Modify the file to your choosing and save it as the same name it is important.

    Delete or backup that file through your SSH program on your IOS device, and copy the modified on to it.

    Thats it now just open your music player and you should see the change.

    I always do a reboot after any system modification.

    Update for IOS 6.1.1

    File names have changed a little for the new OS

    You can now have custom background and icon

    Their are 3 files now
    [email protected]
    This one is for the player background


    Larger icon

    Note the file names have to be the same if their is an uppercase letter for music it will not work.
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