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    Iphone 4 on IOS 5.1. Installed Glasklart HD which is suppose to have thousands of icons. Only a few icons are transparent: Voice Memos, Calc, Calendar, etc. Then some are changed to monochrome with black background, and then many are still color/solid such as Google Voice, Yelp, even Photos, Mail and Music! I have not that man Apps and most are mainstream apps. At least Photos, Mail and Music etc. should be transparent. Please don't tell me I have to SSH and do a bunch of futzing with files and folders. I'm not a teenager and don't have time for all that.

    I was under the assumption this theme had the largest icon library. If there's another transparent theme that works better, please let me know!

    I just realized I'm still on IOS 5.0.1. Maybe that's the issue. This is such a popular theme I'm surprised it doesn't just "work" ?

    Not sure if I want to waste the time going to 5.1 just for this when I'm waiting for IOS 6 Jailbreak.

    Problem was, no one told me it's not called Glasklart HD anymore. So I was installing ver. 1.5! Version 2.1 works MUCH better!
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    Most likely an out dated and not maintained theme with the iOS releases. iOS6 JB will be ages away Pod2G has even said the exploits used in 5.0 - 5-1.1 are burned in iOS6. It doesn't help that apple keep recruiting jailbreakers to make their iOS's tougher to crack.
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