1. zamaral09's Avatar
    I'm new to jailbreaking, just curious, can you still register your ipad if you jailbreak it? or will that do anything to your ipad? I want to register it incase somebody tries to steal it, And I heard there are apps to track your ipad if it's lost/stolen and gets connected to wifi, can anybody send some info my way and possibly some links to security apps or things I can install on my PC to track my ipad incase of an emergency?
    2012-09-18 05:55 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Jailbreaking shouldn't affect that.

    There should be a built in app called find my iPad that will allow you to track it. So long as you log into it and set it up, you should be able to track the device as long as it remains turned on. You may even send a message to it through iCloud on your computer as well as remotely lock and/or wipe it. You can also play a sound in case you know you didn't lose it in public but can't find it for some reason. All you need is iCloud and find my iPad.

    Apple - iPad - Find My iPad

    Here is a link to Apple's site with info on it.

    I've used it to track a misplace iPhone of my friend's before. I was sure I had set it up but have never used the feature before so I was concerned it wouldn't work, but it did and it worked wonderfully.
    2012-09-18 06:59 AM
  3. zamaral09's Avatar
    Thank you!, so can I still register my ipad if it's jailbroken?
    2012-09-18 07:04 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Shouldn't be a problem.
    2012-09-18 07:07 AM