1. iSpyK3's Avatar
    I recently had an error in iPod Touch (Check my thread titled HELP!!!)
    And tried to restore it after using iPhone Browser to copy all my files to pc.
    I tried restore without entering Recovery mode, it failed.
    Then when I entered Recovery mode, the screen in iTunes that says version no., Capacity and the restore and update buttons won't appear. They i used ziphone to put it into DFU Mode, first time it failed but then it worked 2nd time. But still no luck. I restarted iPod and it went back to the apple bootscreen with the loader(Read my previous post HELP!!)

    I entered recovery again, still no luck?! Please help me soon!!!!
    2008-03-23 05:58 AM
  2. wearmaize's Avatar
    Make sur you are running the latest version of iTunes.
    Try getting your iPod back to 'normal mode' with iPhone.
    I am Olim. We are Olim. And we just did this- together!
    2008-03-24 06:56 PM