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    Hi Everyone.

    Hope you can help.

    I've been modifying my iphone for 3 years and upgraded from 3gs to 4s and redid alot of my theme. I've been very happy with my work, researched when i had hassles and today i'm 100% happy, that was until i went to use a feature of my phone i RARELY touch and thus, i do not know when i lost this info and how i even lost it.

    Here's an image that shows how a normal iphone should look, jailbroken or not, and what's happened to mine.
    Lost info on my Alarm Screen-img_0049-horz.jpg

    So as you can see, i've basically lost the text that tells me what time the alarm is set, i think it might be a plist edit thing as it doesn't seem like an overwritten graphic.
    Anyone knoe where this is altered and where i might have inadvertantly altered it and how to fix it?
    2012-09-23 06:57 AM
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    I've found out why it is missing but still require help if anyone has info

    Basically i switch off my themes and issue remained, i then found if i replaced the original (thank god for backups)
    DateFormats.plist in the var/mobile/library/caches directory then it would come back

    I only made one edit in there which was done to remove the clock from the lockscreen, but only finding out today, it removes the alarm clock time too.

    I'll investigate a little further but if you have a solution, please let me know.

    I found out the edit i did to DatFormat.plist IS the issue, when i reverted back to the original file i edited the near alsmot final fine under
    "<string> </string>"
    Now i found it removed the date correctly from my lockscreen AND .. SO far the Alarm clock is still showing the correct time ....
    But i'm not sure which line i edit to remove the lock which still remains on the lockscreen and if i do remove it, will the alarm time disppear, again if anyone can help as i could do it one line at a time till it works but i don't know if i get it right ... will the clock disppear in another part of the ios that i won't discover for 6 months lol

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    2012-09-23 09:29 AM
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    Problems solved, it was user error, this thread can be deleted by admins if they wish as it is unlikely anyone else would encounter this issue.

    Solution was to redo the manual lockclock hide (via copying font and editting plist files)
    2012-09-23 01:54 PM