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    Ok Guys I was wondering if u guys can help me I'm soo confused I bought The Black iPhone 5 64 gb from Sprint I just started a 2 year contract with them but I'm thinking about it now and I really don't know if I want to stay I feel like getting the unlock iPhone from At&t and like that I have better options I can just get into a prepaid plan with whoeverI want I was with Tmobile but the only problem the internet was really bad if u had a choice will u stay with Sprint or will u get the iPhone unlock and one last question guys I'm seeing a lot of black iPhone getting Chipped and scratch I'm not feeling the aluminum and glass I think the iphone 4s was made better on that part If u had to pick between the black iPhone and the white which one will u pick I hope u guys can help me with my decision because I'm so confused TIA
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    Personally, I went with white as I always do, so it isn't really an issue for me. Then I had it (i5) officially unlocked and then put it on eBay, in hopes to A; make a couple dollars, B; perhaps waiting for Apple may fix and/or replace the aluminum band and back cover.

    As far as carriers, I am on T-Mo as you were and have been battling Edge for data for years. Now with T-Mo re-farming their network I have been seeing 3G and higher speeds here in the Phoenix area. T-mo's plan is to have tthe new system up and running by the end of the year for most major cities and hubs. This could bring back thousands of customers to T-Mo.
    Being grandfathered in to my plan ($19.99 a month) for truly unlimited data/talk/text with no throttling, I am so glad that I chose to stay with T-Mo.
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    If you can get out of sprint contract without getting billed with early termination fee please do so. I too am a T-mobile carrier right now with my 4S and I just love my plan coz I dont have to pay a lot in a month. I was thinking of getting the new Iphone 5 but after seeing it in person and these issues going on the forum about how the casing are prone to scratches, I changed my mind and decided Im just going to keep my 4S for a while. If you can you can go with Verizon as theyre Iphone 5 have a dual band CDMA/GSM. Good luck dude.
    Iphone 4S - T-Mobile Prepaid Plan No Contract
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