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    Can you please respond quikly i am missing about 50% of my apps and ally banking info apps are missing as well can you please tell me what is going on shuild i start calling my banks or the police if hakers are involved thank you tony k email [email protected]
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    2012-09-24 10:39 PM
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    More explanation needed. Did you install something? What do you think may have caused your phone to lose all the info. What did you do different? What type of device, what firmware?
    I doubt very seriously that you have been hacked.
    Have you tried restoring? If you have a synced iTunes back up of your device before this problem started, you could restore to that back up.
    If you think the back up could also be corrupt, I would say a fresh restore is advised and should cure your problem.

    I have also removed your account number and phone number, something you should not post in a public forum, just sayin'
    2012-09-24 10:51 PM