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    hello modmyi forums,

    i like the older facebook app, but, i've been wanting to upgrade, too. and as i'm jailbroken, i figured i could have both. so, i duplicated the instructions as best i could from here:

    How to Fix iBooks on a Jailbroken iOS 5 Device
    (for ibooks)

    thinking it would let me have two facebooks, the newer (/Applications) and older (/var/mobile/Applications). well it did. but as soon as i opened each copy, springboard crashed and ALL my apps (except the default/os, plus, cydia apps) vanished.

    now, if i re-enter /var/mobile/Applications via ifile, i can see they're all still on there.

    but i've got a lot of stuff i don't want to lose (everything i've created) and i don't want to double-up on apps (as they do take up more and more space). i tried to "manually" undo what i did (kill facebook.app from /Applications), along with a bunch of restarting, but no dice.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?

    (this may be the wrong forum as this is not ipad specific).

    i should note—i want to fix this, too, as i have another app apple crippled in a latter update, but i want to hang on to both copies.
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    2012-09-27 07:50 AM
  2. Slipknot82's Avatar
    Try deleting a few apps from apps folder using ifile, it rebuilds springboard cache or something, happened at random times on both my iPads. If it don't work first go delete a few more and respring again
    2012-11-26 03:27 PM
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