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    So my problem is with my personal iphone 4S with the latest ios5 jailbroken. I can send MMS through regular text messaging but when I send it through iMessage, it says its Delivered but its not received. I first thought it was a IOS6 bug because all my friends iPhones are updated. So I did some troubleshooting.

    I have a work phone that is on IO6.
    I can send MMS to anyone on IOS6 and other platforms from my work phone
    I can send MMS through iMessage to my personal phone (which is not on IOS6)

    My personal phone can receive MMS from anyone.

    I have reset my network settings, tried sending MMS in iMessage while in SafeMode, uninstalled Cydia apps.

    I've checked my settings in Messages on my personal phone.

    So I can't send MMS through the iMessage. I read that there are iMessage outages..is that still an issue?

    On September 20th I successfuly sent a MMS through iMessage. Around Sept 23rd is when pictures weren't going through even though they said they were delivered. I just now noticed the issue

    I found a friend on IOS5 that I cannot send MMS to either so my issue is with my iMessage entirely
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    2012-09-28 03:55 PM
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    this is what i've uninstalled and its working again, i don't know the app in question yet

    jailbreak FAW addon for chatbot
    phone gv extension
    sms gv extension
    ask to call
    ask to send
    assistant extensions
    awesome facts for chatbot
    chuck norris facts for chatbot
    ijokes for chatbot
    call bar
    steve jobs facts for chat bot
    airplane sbsettings toggle
    default hd sbsettings
    sbsettings toggle
    serious sbsettings
    springflash sbsettings toggle
    carbon x pro
    fake location
    icaughtu pro
    pull to dismiss
    pull to refresh for mail
    pull to refresh for safari
    silent camera theme
    spring flash
    stay opened

    i have a lot of work to do but thats where i'm at
    2012-09-28 09:40 PM
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    Shut off iMessage and re activate it. If that doesn't work retry 2 times. If that doesn't work, turn iMessage off enter safe mode turn on. That' worked for me. Hope it helps
    2012-11-02 07:53 PM
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    Uninstall every package that YOU remember installing from Cydia. From what I am gathering, many people have been able to fix this by uninstalling one package or another but it looks like it can be pretty random on what exactly is responsible for creating this EXACT situation. So just kick em all out except the ones that you never installed. Those with iPhone 5's, be very careful because if you get into a DFU loop, you will find yourself on 6.1.3 and in tears.
    2013-04-09 07:14 AM
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    iMessage is down for some people at the moment it's not software related
    2013-04-10 04:40 AM
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    Yeah its true that imessage goes down but not for a month and a half like it was for me. My solution worked for me.
    2013-04-10 05:35 AM