1. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    Any chance of a dreamboard version?

    Also is the up in Cydia yet? I looked but nothing came up.

    And an Ipad version would be tight. Something to think about.
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    2012-10-09 03:16 PM
  2. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    I signed up at Gb website, got down with the vip but the link seems to be down for the download. I get an error message saying the content was deleted or something to that effect.

    The actual error message says, "cannot open page. The error was:"the operation couldn't be completed. No such file or directory".

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    2012-10-09 06:49 PM
  3. Simon76's Avatar
    i just tested the link,its work fine
    2012-10-09 07:25 PM
  4. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    i just tested the link,its work fine
    Thanks. At work now, so have to wait to get home and put my mac to work
    2012-10-09 07:35 PM
  5. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    Alright, i'm in biznezz!!!
    2012-10-10 01:32 AM
  6. ryanstylee's Avatar

    Here's a vid teaser of the lock screen ani by Drew Shaw.

    yfrog Video : http://twitter.yfrog.com/msovohsgurtwcymwmzwlrbkez - Uploaded by ryanstylee
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    2012-10-10 02:24 AM
  7. The 8th Immortal's Avatar
    I use mostly dreamboard themes that are similiar to this style. Thatz why this joint is poppin. Plus, the asian style is whutz up. Great work on this.
    2012-10-10 03:54 AM
  8. Simon76's Avatar
    Will this theme will have an animated weather, thanks
    2012-10-11 09:43 PM
  9. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Looks very interesting Ecko666. To bAd I had no choice in restoring my phone an had to update to ios6. Didn't have my dell pc with me at the time
    2012-10-12 12:42 AM
  10. Simon76's Avatar
    Will tweetbot, facebook, siri, sbsetting for this theme, thanks
    2012-10-12 02:04 AM
  11. DefJammable's Avatar
    Will tweetbot, facebook, siri, sbsetting for this theme, thanks
    Ditto + also bitesms?
    2012-10-12 04:37 AM
  12. ryanstylee's Avatar
    2012-10-13 01:48 AM
  13. Simon76's Avatar

    bring it on,me want me want
    2012-10-13 01:50 AM
  14. ryanstylee's Avatar
    Working on sb setup with Ecko as we speak! Soon bro, we are hurrying too
    2012-10-13 01:52 AM
  15. ryanstylee's Avatar
    A teaser...

    2012-10-13 03:14 AM
  16. ryanstylee's Avatar
    Base theme has been submitted to cydia. Also, this is coming soon as well...

    2012-10-13 11:13 PM
  17. Simon76's Avatar
    When its available in vip ryan
    2012-10-13 11:16 PM
  18. ryanstylee's Avatar
    Have to make sure it's all done, but I'll find out today
    2012-10-13 11:21 PM
  19. DefJammable's Avatar
    Is there a non Siri color keyboard along with a bitesms theme?
    2012-10-13 11:29 PM
  20. DefJammable's Avatar
    Live in Cydia!
    2012-10-14 03:25 AM
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