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    I recently took an interest in the departure melodies that play at train stations in and around Tokyo after playing various games in the Densha de Go! series. Unfortunately, most audio in circulation is recordings made on platforms. Finding clean copies of these jingles is difficult, but doable. They've been published in Japan on CD. I managed to get a hold of some copies and after a good deal of grunt work, I have 83 different ringtones.

    gives you a good idea of the sort of thing included here.

    I hope some people other than me find this useful. I welcome further opinions on title translation, a clean copy of Ebisu or any other comment.


    m4r Format: JR Train Departure Melodies m4r.zip (for iTunes/iPhone)

    MP3 Format: JR Train Departure Melodies MP3.zip
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    Really like the tones, thanks for posting them.
    2012-10-10 03:08 AM
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    Pretty cool I think. And also glad
    To see someone from Louisiana on here
    2012-10-10 03:35 AM