1. CrazyAssNuTTcase's Avatar
    could sum1 upload the bottombarknobgray (answer), bottombarknobred (slide to unlock) png files for Blueline SD Theme f0r mii please, since the package I d/l'd didn't include it. I really like the LS for Redline/Blueline Themes, I recently add'd it to mi iph0ne along w/ mi p0rt'd version on Leg1on HD Theme I been w3rk'n on. I'd change it miself but d0n't have Photoshop install'd on this laptop cause its run'n winxp pr0 serpack 1 =/ durh. I been d0in it all using da regular paint pr0gram, and a few online pic editors, sux balls I kn0 can't wait till mi disk's get ship'd here from da states so I can format this ***** n get s0me real w3rk d0ne. Im ona 3gs 3.1.3 so again I'm l00k'n 4 the SD versions of these files not the HD ones. newyayz thankx in advance to whoever replies to this n p0sts what I'm look'n for, however keep up da great w3rk theme'n. -NuTT
    2012-10-13 11:22 AM
  2. CrazyAssNuTTcase's Avatar
    I g0t these files n0w, maybe ya can delete this p0st...
    2012-11-04 11:21 AM