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    originally i wanted to just restore my touch 4g, but ive tried redsn0w sn0wbreeze and tiny umbrella to get my shsh blobs and even though redsnow gets them and submits to cydia, i cant retrieve them.

    i am running ios 5.1 and cant upgrade to 5.1.1 or downgrade to 5.0.1 because i dont have the shsh blobs for it.

    snowbreeze rejects the 5.1 ipsw and its not on the list of downloadable ones.

    ive uninstalled just about every cydia tweak, all the apps, and for the life of me i cant get this thing running smoothly.

    when i ran redsnow fetch shsh blobs (think that was command) it said it retrieved 16 blogs and submitted them but i cant get them back with ishshit from cydia, tiny umbrella, or snowbreeze. i would like to upgrade or downgrade with a reset.

    if no one can help with that i would like a trick to find all this extra data 3.4 gig or so, even though ive stripped the music videos and apps off.

    any help please!
    Attached Thumbnails Touch 4G ios 5.1 ton of Other Data cant find it or restore-img_0159-1-.png   Touch 4G ios 5.1 ton of Other Data cant find it or restore-img_0158-1-.png  
    2012-10-23 08:27 PM