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    So I mistakenly updated my Ipod Touch 4g to IOS 6 (which sucks much for teh bugs and wishing I could downgrade). I want to jailbreak my OS but can't enter to DFU mode with a broken power / lock button. So I've tried using the Enter_DFU.Ipsw method in redsnow (which you'll make your own DFU ipsw file so it can bypass the hold power + home thingy in redsnow's DFU.) after bypassing that sh1t, the program closed and now my Ipod Touch is stuck on a black screen. Can't open it since power button is broken. Can't restore it in Itunes since it gives me error 1601. Tried using different cable, different ports, error 1601 is still there...

    Now I've been thinking if I REALLY want to downgrade this Ipod if I can't even jailbreak it.
    2012-10-25 08:53 PM