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    Noobie: Quick Question, I saw a youtube clip and he claimed the SHSH Blob was stored within Cydia even after you upgrade. I'am aware some jailbreak data is store on my device after i upgraded.

    is there a simple way of me getting this SHSH Blob? or am i dreaming?

    Ps. I didnt even know what an SHSH blob was untill this point or id have backed it up myself.
    2012-11-11 10:48 AM
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    -If you have never jailbroken your device and you've upgraded via iTunes/Software Update, then your SHSH blobs were not stored.
    -If you were jailbroken before the upgrade and "made your life easier" via Cydia before Apple stopped signing the firmware(s), then your SHSH blobs for your device should be stored on the Cydia server.
    -If you were jailbroken before the upgrade and you didn't "make your life easier" via Cydia while Apple was still signing the firmware(s), then you may have missed out on some SHSH blobs.

    Saving the SHSH blobs (as far as I know):
    Method #1 - "Make My Life Easier" in Cydia to store on the server.
    Method #2 - Save to your computer via Tiny Umbrella, iFaith, etc. programs.
    Method #3 - Save directly from Cydia via SHSHit application (cydia) [I don't know the source off hand]

    Extracting SHSH blobs for usage as best with Tiny Umbrella, iFaith, and redsn0w. Those programs can detect if you have SHSH blobs.

    You should be able to see in Cydia what SHSH blobs are stored on your device like in the pic.
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