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    Soy de Mexico y me encanta este tweak pero actualice a ios6 y mi pregunta es si sera compatible celeste con este firmware. Espero respuesta gracias
    2012-11-22 05:59 PM
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    Soy de Mexico y me encanta este tweak pero actualice a ios6 y mi pregunta es si sera compatible celeste con este firmware. Espero respuesta gracias
    Is it possible to translate this in ENGLISH 😊
    2012-11-23 02:38 PM
  3. heliosvesta's Avatar
    Is it possible to translate this in ENGLISH 

    I'm from Mexico and I love this tweak but upgrade to ios6 and my question is whether this will be compatible with firmware celeste. Hopefully reply thanks
    2012-11-23 04:14 PM
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    Some of the dependencies is not compatible with iOS 6 yet.
    2012-11-23 04:23 PM
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    Hi, just tried Celeste 1.1g-2 with BT Stack 0.5-1715 and Gremlin 2.0i-2 on an iOS6.1 iPad 2.
    They all install and BT Stack in settings works fine. You can even use iFile to send files too.
    Cydia tweak myTunes still works on 6.1 so you have easy access to your music library from within iFile with the myTunes folder.
    Received files are still saved in /var/mobile/Media/Received/
    BUT... Once the file is fully transferred, Celeste sends a completed message to be displayed as a banner and this causes a crash into safe mode. Not too much of a problem as a respring brings everything back to normal. But because of the safe mode crash, Gremlin isn't reached so I don't know if that works. But you can use other apps now like Bridge, Mewseek or PwnTunes to transfer music into the iPod library.
    2013-02-11 10:49 PM
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    Hi, update to Cesteste 1.1g-2 on iOS6.1 iPad2,4
    Files transfer ok, but at the end, the notification banner tries to pop up and notify you that the file has transferred. This causes a Springboard crash. This work around just stops the banner being displayed.
    1) install the latest Gremlin (3.0.2-1) and BT Stack (0.7-2) files from Cydia (we are not going to use Gremlin, just iFile to send files)
    2) then install Celeste 1.1g-2 (see post #8 for more details)
    3) turn off Gremlin in Celeste settings
    4) turn off Delete after import in Celeste settings
    5) use the iFile 1.9.1-1 hex editor to edit the Celeste.dylib file at Directory
    (Make a copy somewhere in case you make a mistake)
    Search for
    There are two occurrences of this at address
    B558 and B864 hex or 46424 and 47204 decimal
    Change the data at both addresses from 53 42 to 20 00
    Then save and reboot
    6) once done, turn on BT Stack in settings
    7) use iFile to send your file. (Leave Receive off in Celeste settings otherwise the Bluetooth logo doesn't go out at the end of the send)
    8) to receive a file, you will have to turn BT Stack off and then celeste Receive on in settings.
    9) you should also turn off the 3 Celeste Helper dylib files using SBSettings, More, Mobile Substrate addons
    These are

    Note, if you uninstall, reinstall or upgrade Celeste, you should turn these 3 CelesteHelper files back on first.

    Also working well on my iOS6.1 iPhone 4.
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    2013-02-20 08:03 PM
  7. Reptile47's Avatar
    Where can I download Celeste 1.1-g2 ?
    2013-03-10 12:58 PM
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    Hi, Cocoanuts are updating Celeste to iOS6 at the moment. Unfortunately they have left all their paid iOS4/5 customers in a bit of a fix by removing these working iOS4/5 versions of Celeste 1.1-g2 and Gremlin 2.0i-2 from their repo some 10 days ago.
    I discovered this as I had to restore my iPhone and wanted to reinstall Celeste. Anyway as the files were not there anymore, I was forced to do a google for them.
    If you need iOS5 Celeste 1.1g-2, then I found

    For Gremlin on iOS6, it is on Cydia.
    If you want iOS5 Gremlin, then I found
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    2013-03-10 01:16 PM
  9. Reptile47's Avatar
    Any news?
    2013-05-18 07:44 AM
  10. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, according to their twitter feed #cocoanutapps they are working on it.
    But I can confirm that the steps on post #6 above work for me with the deb file from post #8.
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    2013-05-18 10:37 AM