1. <Ian Nicoll/>'s Avatar

    I see your logo is very dark, this is because it has the wrong color profile, the color profile is "Linear Color Space" and this is no good for the web, best to open up the psd and use "Convert to Profile" DO NOT USE "Assign Profile" (you get this from the "Edit" tab). Convert it to "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" profile before you save it as Jpeg or png and it should display the colors correctly on the web for you.

    Sorry about this inconvenience M8.

    Attached Thumbnails chevymusclecar - The Ultimate Edition Mods-screen-shot-2012-12-24-2.47.38-pm.png  
    2012-12-24 08:01 AM
  2. Subaruim's Avatar
    1st make sure this is in the top most activated theme in WB.


    If you are using a different language, then you will substitute the "en.lproj" with the appropriate one for your language.
    Also not working i get Crazy
    2012-12-24 10:44 AM
  3. snakeeater01's Avatar
    What firmware are you running Sub
    for firmware 5.1.1 you can go to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.App/ search for the language you want and delete antworten case is sensitiv so look there is no space between >Antworten> that it looks like this >>than respring or reboot your device
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    2012-12-24 02:28 PM
  4. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Thx Ian I will try that. Have to work today :/ but everyone who's off...LIVE IT UP!!
    2012-12-24 04:19 PM
  5. snakeeater01's Avatar
    Same destiny Chevy going to work in one hour
    2012-12-24 04:47 PM
  6. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Make it great bro!
    2012-12-24 05:45 PM
  7. hemptation's Avatar
    big Chev. happy holidays everyone. thanks for the work again Chev. that scrolling lockscreen is killer.
    2012-12-24 07:06 PM
  8. ellersbee's Avatar
    Hey J and Ian,
    Google Mikko Lagerstedt. Talk about weather images
    2012-12-24 07:10 PM
  9. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Yeah Jus, pretty talented for sure there are awesome images!
    2012-12-24 08:07 PM
  10. ellersbee's Avatar
    I know it! Not sure on his licensing. I would like to see some of those in that LS you were showing with that yellow & purple flower.
    2012-12-24 09:59 PM
  11. nicoand's Avatar
    Merry christmas every one be safe
    2012-12-25 09:14 AM
  12. stratnik's Avatar
    Chevy Merry Christmas to you, all my friends and everyone else on the MMI Lord bless you all.
    2012-12-25 11:31 AM
  13. lasiaf's Avatar
    been a week now sporting the cmc.ultimate.multitouch.ls.scrolling.
    you think you guys can upload some pics that can be replaced with the default car pics ??

    and tht sig by @Steph53940 .... hubba huBBA
    2012-12-25 12:51 PM
  14. RKO1195's Avatar
    You can find all kinds of pics on the net!!! get free wallpaper app in app store there's a lot on the apps
    2012-12-25 04:13 PM
  15. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Hope everyone's having a good time!! First post updated.
    2012-12-25 08:37 PM
  16. xpprem's Avatar
    My contribution to this awesome collection:

    Plastic - my own created weather icon for free

    chevymusclecar - The Ultimate Edition Mods-35.png


    Follow me and the GC3Team on Twitter
    For donations use this link and please mention the theme you donate for
    2012-12-26 08:59 AM
  17. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    xpprem these are great! Thank you! Thank you for sharing these to us! Awesome my friend!
    2012-12-26 04:35 PM
  18. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    Man! Check these out! xpprem really did an awesome job on these!!

    2012-12-26 06:00 PM
  19. GUNNY29's Avatar

    Very nice Chevvy love your ultimate mods 👊👊
    2012-12-26 06:50 PM
  20. The_Durben's Avatar
    My contribution to this awesome collection:

    Plastic - my own created weather icon for free

    chevymusclecar - The Ultimate Edition Mods-35.png

    These are really nice dude! Good work and thanks

    2012-12-27 02:48 AM
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