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    I've pretty much got everything removed on my lockscreen here except for this thin gray line that goes right through the lower half og my lockscreen. Anyone know what it is or how to remove it? It's not tied to the custom theme at all as I've checked. It moves down when unlocked and opening the phone so I assume it's apart of the original lockscreen bar/text that I removed in the past. Right now to get rid of those I'm using the Slide to lock killer set of apps for Winterboard. Is there an alternative app for removing them that will also get rid of this or is this apart of something else altogether?

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    2012-12-19 02:49 AM
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    It looks like the gradient mask from the stock slider. If no one beets me to it I'll find the file name and post it. Memory not what it used to be.

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    2012-12-19 07:12 AM
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    That'd be amazing and such a great help!
    I look forward to the fix.
    2012-12-19 12:09 PM
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    What iOS and device man. That info helps us to help u
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    2012-12-19 11:09 PM
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    iOS 6.0.1, iPhone 4.
    2012-12-20 12:58 AM
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    I will attempt to help but I am only on iOS 5.1.1

    Are you able to navigate to the where the slider and lockscreen images are contained to check the files that might be used?

    In iOS 5.1.1 The lockscreen files are located in


    Hopefully it's still the same on iOS 6 but I'm only speculating

    My suggestion would be to navigate to that area and see if you can find that file that is providing the grey shading or gradient. It will either be 2x192 or 158x192 at a guess.

    I would use iFile to look for it as u can preview the pngs. If you find the png just rename it by adding a 1 to the end of the filename so the iOS can't call on it to display the image. You will need to respring tho after applying the name change.

    OR create a directory in your themes folder with a transparent png so it still uses that image but it's transparent

    Once again this is my opinion from an iOS 5.1.1 point if view but it is how I would try and identify what file is causing that grey line and how to remedy it.
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    2012-12-20 01:55 AM
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    Tried navigating to the folder and deleting.renaming files but to no avail.
    It seems like it may be tied to the camera button on my lock screen. Any idea where that image/file is located on iOS 6?
    2012-12-20 02:29 AM
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    Bummer, not in iOS 6 but in 5.1.1 the file you are talking about is "[email protected]~iphone.png" & located in /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app
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    2012-12-20 02:33 AM
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    Yeah, Apparently I was wrong. Just not finding this file that does this.
    This really sucks. Any other Cydia tweaks/apps out there to remove the bars, etc besides the slide to unlock killer apps?
    2012-12-20 02:46 AM
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    Bummer, I'm not sure, I'm just running transparent pngs in a theme to get rid if all mine. Without being on iOS 6 it's hard to say sorry. Have u looked all thru the SpringBoard App as on ios 5.1.1 there's a few Lockscreen bar files in there. I wouldn't be to sure if the tweaks would be all up and running in ios 6 would they?
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    2012-12-20 02:57 AM
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    Whats the springboard app called exactly?
    2012-12-20 03:10 AM
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    Just that in iOS 5.1.1 and its found here as per where the camera grabber file was

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    2012-12-20 03:16 AM
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    I grabbed an app called Lockscreen Settings, Whenever I use it to disable the slider bar it gets rid of the line. Now I think I may know what I have to do, I just need to know where these settings are installed to. It's not a winterboard app. Just adds new settings to my settings menu. Any idea where It would be located on my phone?

    Scratch that, I found the files, It doesn't work how I hoped it would.
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    2012-12-20 03:30 AM
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    I just updated my iphone 4s to the new ios 6.1 and I jailbroke my phone a few days ago. I like all of you bumped into this line issue, I did a number of testing with SO many themes and tweaks and nothing. But tonight after seeing the option appear on my Springtomize 2 for removing the top bar (time header) labeled as "Hide top Bar" I got curios and began the 2 minute hunt for removing the bottom bar. So I searched cydia for 'Hid Bottom Lock Bar' and what do i find? A few options down a theme by ModMyi named "No Lock Bars"... I install the theme, respiring and what do you know ITS GONE! I was also able to use my other downloaded sliders and its still not there. HOPE this helps, it did for me!!
    2013-02-08 08:45 AM
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    2013-02-09 05:14 AM