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    I really need help with getting my iPod back to normal!!!
    So I jail broke my iPod (4th gen) a few days ago and I downloaded Dreamboard. I was on the Endroid theme when I went to Dreamboard to try out another theme. After the download was complete, it took me back to the Endroid lock-screen and it just sort of freezes up. But, it shows the correct time - and that it is connected to WiFi! What I mean by stuck, is that I pull the screen down to unlock it but it doesn't move. However sometimes it DOES move for a few seconds and I race to switch themes - but it gets stuck before I am able to. And it always kinda 'resets' itself. It could be on the lock-screen for a minute or two and then goes to the Apple logo (with the swirly loading symbol) and then goes right back to the lock-screen.
    So, I tried to restore it via iTunes - as many sources have told me. Now, I do that but then I get "error 3194". So I searched up what to do with that error and it told me to go to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts and in the Notepad to add: gs.apple.com.
    Now I did this, but every time I want to save it, I get this:
    Error 3194 - HELP PLEASE!!!-fffsf-1.jpg
    I press OK and I get this:
    Error 3194 - HELP PLEASE!!!-fdfsff-2.jpg
    Error 3194 - HELP PLEASE!!!-fdfsfsf-3.jpg
    And it takes me back to the beginning!

    Please, if you can give me advice as to what to do - please do! And if questions, please ask!

    Thank you very much!!!
    2012-12-22 10:10 PM
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    Nevermind, it now works!

    Now, is anyone else using the theme "Endroid"? Can I get a confirmation for it to work smoothly and with no errors?

    2012-12-23 01:02 AM