1. dakshay95's Avatar
    I was trying to install Cydia on my iPod Touch 2G using the greenp0ison method. I ran the loader and it was downloading Cydia but halfway through the download, it told me that my device was running out of space. As a result, Cydia could not be installed completely. So I closed and removed the loader but I don't know how to remove Cydia? When I click on it, my screen flashes white and then instantly returns to the home screen. I've tried going to Settings - General - Reset - Erase all contents and settings but Cydia didn't get removed.

    What should I do? Also, if I jailbreak my iTouch, will I get any benefits (since iTough 2G is quite old now)
    2012-12-30 11:54 AM
  2. dakshay95's Avatar
    Okay I managed to get rid of Cydia by connecting the iPod to my PC and clicking 'Restore', but how do I jailbreak it without getting the 'low memory' error message when downloading Cydia? I have 3.64 GB free.
    2013-01-02 08:53 AM
  3. max5427's Avatar
    Restore as a new device, not from backup. Then try again.
    2013-01-12 11:03 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    Agree with above. I wouldn't recommend a restore from a backup with a restore phone. Always do it as new doing backup has a better chance messing up ya phone after.
    2013-01-12 11:10 PM