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    Hi, I'm new, and I really need some help. I purchased a jailbroken iPhone 4 today from a friend, to replace my iphone 4 with a cracked screen. I took it down to my local Sprint store to have service switched over, and they told me that in order to switch the phone onto my account they would need to reset it to factory settings. The guy handed me my new phone back, and the screen was displaying the loading/working icon, such as appears when the phone runs out of battery power and is powering down (sort of a little spinning wheel in the center of the screen) he told me that ios would boot up in a few minutes, so I, being in a hurry, took my phone and left. that was at least an hour ago, and it's still doing the same thing, and I am becoming quite worried. I was hoping someone here might have some knowledge of what might be causing this, and how i might go about remedying this problem. Thanks a bunch!
    2013-01-18 04:01 AM