1. 2k1's Avatar
    whenever you respring the device you have to configure milock again, is that a bug?

    Read first post man
    2013-02-23 10:39 AM
  2. GUNNY29's Avatar
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaah
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    2013-02-23 10:54 AM
  3. 2k1's Avatar
    Gotta love it
    2013-02-23 10:57 AM
  4. June'sIphone's Avatar
    That question will be asked Alot lol
    Just like the one above. lol im over it, let them ask.

    I will write a miLock for dummies

    Its gonna need one before long ha!
    2013-02-23 11:31 AM
  5. 2k1's Avatar
    Ya I'm sure they will ill answer all there dumb questions lol.
    2013-02-23 11:52 AM
  6. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Update should be live today

    One note. I wasnt gonna let you guys know, but I added falling leaves to miLock. Whenever you shake your device leaves will fall. Now If the leaves are falling and you keep shaking more leaves will fall, and even more leaves if you keep shaking.

    I didnt pay attention, before I uploaded. After a few shakes you will have a screen full of leaves lol. To stop them just unlock the device.
    2013-02-23 08:31 PM
  7. 2k1's Avatar
    Lol sounds like fun can't wait to start shaking thank ya
    2013-02-23 08:55 PM
  8. June'sIphone's Avatar

    2013-02-23 09:06 PM
  9. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Do they spin too, or just fall?

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    2013-02-23 10:48 PM
  10. 2k1's Avatar

    Good stuff there
    2013-02-23 11:07 PM
  11. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Just fall
    2013-02-24 12:14 AM
  12. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Just fall
    Just wondering, as I'm having issue with spinning rotations being very jittery???

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-02-24 12:24 AM
  13. June'sIphone's Avatar
    I'm about to download. But I have no idea how they are spinning. I don't have it set to spin lol.

    I just downloaded. I'm about to remove that **** date haha it just don't want to act right.

    The leaves are a little sketchy. I'll see if I can add a smoothing library or maybe better animation. They do not spin though. Are you sure yours are spinning?

    The more you shake the more leaves will fall. Also the more they lag. It was not meant to do that. I overlooked it.
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    2013-02-24 12:29 AM
  14. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Sorry bro, I meant on other widgets. That's why I asked, was to see if yours were spinning and were smooth.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2013-02-24 12:44 AM
  15. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Oh no not spinning. They are pretty smooth, if you shake once. I have the function set to when its shaken it starts the function. Well if you shake again it starts the function again. So when there's 20 leaves it lags
    2013-02-24 12:50 AM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    Note to self don't shake a lot
    2013-02-24 01:12 AM
  17. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Haha yes good advice
    2013-02-24 01:35 AM
  18. 2k1's Avatar
    People will be asking why my phone lags and then resprings and then ask why everything is gone lol
    2013-02-24 01:36 AM
  19. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Did yours respring? Lol not good.
    2013-02-24 01:38 AM
  20. 2k1's Avatar
    Lol yep git ready
    2013-02-24 01:39 AM
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