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    Hello everyone, first of all i apologise if i have posted this thread in a wrong section, ok am abit confused here i have two iphone 3gs mine and my girlfriends,and i need help on these please,

    My iphone 3gs its on the latest 6.1 firmware i have jailbroken the iphone yesterday by evasion all working good so far, baseband is 05.16.08, now to unlock this through cydia can i install ultrasnow? so its unlcoked (like we use to unlock on 5.1.1 flashing to ipad baseband 06.15.00) i am aware not to flash iphone 3gs if the first 3 serial number are 135 or more. On mine my its ok, its mc model but ok to flash to ipad basband.

    My girlfriends phone, ok it was runining on 5.1.1 baseband was flashed to 06.15.00, (i did it for her) and i jailbroke it and unlocked through cydia, installing rocky racoon so its untheated etc. I told her not to update it but she did by mistake, but the problem is i want it to be unlocked, its on orange newtork and wanted it to work on 02 network this is why i unlocked it before by flashing ipad baseband on 5.1.1 it was all working fine until she did this.
    After a restore through itunes having latest 6.1 firmware, now iphone 3gs is stuck on activation screen, now to hacktivate this do i do the following?

    i have to hacktivate it, RedSn0w > Extras > Select IPSW > choose the iOS 6.1 IPSW. Back > Jailbreak > DFU mode > tick "Deactivate? since it has ipad baseband before,

    please let me know and sorry for having a long thread.
    2013-02-06 03:40 PM