1. KaAttaKilla's Avatar
    Before i get any "read a tutorial at this [link]" responses please read this: I know I could spend days or hours searching and reading tutorials. I already have, and have found WAY too much info that DIDNT relate. Far too much to sift through for my purposes. So please dont just link me off to some massive tutorial that tells me everything I ever didnt need to know. please. im begging.

    Problem: I have a theme to change springjumps icons that relied on summerboard mode. It no longer works. I wish to update this package to a non-summerboard format.

    Now i've located the original pngs at /var/stash/applications.######/_shortcut_#

    Ive got the modified pngs and plists.

    what file structure do i need in myicontheme.theme for winterboard?
    2013-02-06 11:08 PM
  2. 1coolZ71's Avatar
    I used icon theif in cydia to get most of the needed stuff.
    Your theme will have a bundles folder with multiple directories in it like: com.apple.calculator
    In each of those folders will be your icon art.
    Relace the original ones in the folder with your new ones

    I havent figure out mail, maps and a few others yet but maybe someone else here has.
    2013-02-07 09:36 PM