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    I have an iPad 4, iOS 6.1, jailbroken. Before I jailbroke I noticed I have issues with my VPN service. I have been using a VPN for a couple months and it has worked perfectly. Now I cannot connect to my VPN servers. Originally I had installed Cisco Anyconnect (which did not work with my VPN) and it changed my network setup and added a little VPN toggle button in the pane of settings next to VPN, that is not normally there. I noticed now, that button is gone which makes me think 6.1 changed network settings somehow. My VPN settings for setup have not changed and I have tried many servers with no luck. Did 6.1 break VPN or am I missing something?


    PS - I also tried it on my iPhone 4S @ 6.1.. same result or lack there of...

    EDIT: I did a complete DFU restore on my iPad. I set it up as new and installed nothing. I immediately added my VPN and it did not work.
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