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    I'm a minimalist kind of guy. So I wanted a clean lockscreen that offered a random lockscreen wallpaper. I put this together and thought I'd share it. The lockscreen wallpaper changes on every unlock (randomly chooses from a set of 42 images).

    iPhone 5

    iPhone 4S

    The camera button on the lockscreen is invisible, but otherwise works just like it normally would (slide up). On my iPhone 4S, you can see I used Springtomize to remove the camera button, which allows the slide-to-unlock area to span the full width of the screen (I prefer this).

    Then, I used set Activator to open my camera app when I "slide up from bottom" on the lockscreen.

    Download for iPhone 5
    Download for iPhone 4S

    1. Un-rar the .rar file (duh).
    2. If you want to change the photos, add them to the "images" folder. Make sure they're named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, ect.
    ----> If you want more or less than 42 images, update the configuration.js appropriately.
    3. If you want another feature added, I'm not the geek you're looking for. Feel free to modify and re-post!

    If you'd like to thank me, I'm a songwriter with 70+ free songs at hirstmusic.com. Feel free to download my music and share it. Your attention is worth far more than your money to me. I appreciate it
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    love your theme. can you add day and date to the lock screen? TIA
    2013-02-19 01:40 AM
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    Thank you very much for this. This theme is awesome.
    2013-02-19 02:26 PM
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    thanks for this nice theme.

    I modded one thing: delete clock, delete layer

    Now i´ve got only the changing wallpapers.
    I installed the theme with LockHTML2. but after unlock->lock a few time, the wallpaper doesn´t change
    2013-04-14 06:39 PM