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  1. crlsdrn's Avatar
    I purchased your software some hours ago, but I can't install it in cydia, there is a dependency marked in red that says co.cocoanuts.gremlin2 >= 2.1 and a note that says the modifications can't be applied because there are dependencies with conflicts that can not be find or repair.
    2013-02-10 02:37 AM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, first make sure that you have BT Stack 0.5-1715 from BigBoss installed.
    Add the Cooanuts repo
    Now as Gremlin recently got added to the BigBoss repo, you will find that the Gremlin 2.0i-2 you need is not there.
    To view this version, delete the BigBoss repo (make a note of it so you can add it back at the end)
    Once deleted, you should find Gremlin 2.0i-2 on the Cocoanuts repo to install. If you have installed the newer version, uninstall that first.
    If you can't see Gremlin, change your status from user to developer in Cydia settings.
    Once Gremlin is installed, you can then install Celeste 1.1g-2
    If all goes well, add the BigBoss repo back.
    Had to google this, but to add BigBoss back you have to go to the Cydia home page and click on "More Package Sources" and add it from there
    Good luck
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    2013-02-11 07:57 PM