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    I want to change the grey for behind the notification in this instance and the grey background of the remind me later, where is the file for it?

    How do I theme this?-imageuploadedbymodmyi1360641835.637950.jpg
    How do I theme this?-imageuploadedbymodmyi1360642129.780679.jpg

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    Can someone please help?
    2013-02-12 03:19 PM
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    Bottom picture that is the BarLCD in the telephony UI bundle. The notification part I'm not sure of, I think just a stretch of one of the LCD images located in the uikit bundle. Top pic is a button possibly in that telephony bundle but more than likely in the uikit bundle. Look for different buttons between ios5 and ios6 you'll find it there. A suggestion is to get your hands on a stock ios5 and stock ios6 theme. That's how most of us started to get to know where things are. Then you'll always hv a point of reference
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