1. Bgood's Avatar
    When i got my new iphone5 in the mail on the day of the jailbreak release, Sprint gave me a bad IMEA number that came up as still being activated at the time. Consequently, I went ahead and jailbroke my phone before the phone got activated. Everything has been working on it other than the fact that I cannot receive calls nor texts. I can make calls, i just cant receive. Can anybody tell me if this is what perhaps is the problem?....If it is, then obv I am going to have to do a restore. However, I really do not want to have to do that.

    Basically, I would like some advice and I'd like to know if the conflict is related to addons that maybe are not up to date to be used for iphone 5 and ios 6.1.
    2013-02-12 05:32 AM
  2. offroad1994's Avatar
    Restore the iPhone. Take it to cellphone company to fix text. Go home re- jailbrake. Takes one hour to fix.
    2013-02-17 01:33 PM