1. littlelisa63's Avatar
    @ cocco
    I've got the files for it but will back up the whole folder and email it to you if that's ok,they are just mainly png files
    I've noticed a few of them but your bound to know more than me
    And colour mods sounds very nice 😃
    2013-02-21 06:16 PM
  2. cocco26's Avatar
    ok u have my email?send them to me
    2013-02-21 06:22 PM
  3. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Just sent it
    2013-02-21 08:07 PM
  4. cocco26's Avatar
    hope u wrote my email corectly because sims that i don't receive it yet
    2013-02-21 08:09 PM
  5. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Just updated the theme from cydia
    And this is my springboard pic now,the wallpaper doesn't look right to me
    Is this how's it supposed to look?
    2013-02-22 10:42 PM
  6. hemptation's Avatar
    hmm, looks good lisa, might wanna take seconds off the mod……..and change the label colors……few other things an experienced vet like yourself should have tweaked….but hey, it is all good . hope you got your other issue settled, pm me about it if you have nay problems please
    2013-02-23 03:42 AM
  7. cocco26's Avatar
    the problem is that widget is not yet compatible for iphone5 can't set it up right now because the gridlock is not update for iphone
    2013-02-23 07:24 AM
  8. superouse's Avatar
    Hi Coccoa, is there a icon psd with the theme thank you. Very nice btw
    2013-02-23 09:26 AM
  9. cocco26's Avatar
    now is not but pm your email and i will send it to you
    2013-02-23 09:31 AM
  10. cocco26's Avatar
    for those who want to vote this awesome theme pls send an email here: [email protected] with "i vote for B1ackScorpion".and thanks you guys for all the support on this beautifull theme
    2013-02-23 11:08 AM
  11. Karoonchai's Avatar
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-02-23 02:46 PM
  12. cocco26's Avatar
    were have you been my friend?
    2013-02-23 02:47 PM
  13. Karoonchai's Avatar
    i need iPhone6
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-02-23 02:52 PM
  14. cocco26's Avatar
    haha with transparent skin?
    2013-02-23 02:56 PM
  15. Karoonchai's Avatar
    any update for i4 bro
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-02-23 02:58 PM
  16. cocco26's Avatar
    but did u get the latest updates that are live from yesterday?will be an pack with wall for iphone4 and iphone5 were to chose other then that i do fix some bugs nothing much i work on Legendary to finish it and then will make more mods on this baby
    2013-02-23 03:19 PM
  17. Karoonchai's Avatar
    wow 1.2 in cydia. downloading..........
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-02-23 03:23 PM
  18. cocco26's Avatar
    yes and u will not have wallpaper inside u will need to use your own till the package will be live
    2013-02-23 03:26 PM
  19. Karoonchai's Avatar
    downloaded and installed thanks bro
    Youtube Channel & Downloads - twitter @Karoonchai
    2013-02-23 03:49 PM
  20. superouse's Avatar
    2013-02-23 04:44 PM
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