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    This isn't a question on how to jailbreak as I already know how to do that. My question is if the 8gb iPod Touch has enough room to do so. The first time I jailbroke it at 6.1 iOS it had 5gb left and it jailbroke fine, but when I loaded up Cydia for the first time and it had to install/receive packages; about 60-70% of the way through it said "Not Enough Space on iPod" and it got stuck. I was forced to reset it via holding power/home button and it semi bricked it and I recovered it though iTunes. My question is do I need a higher gb iPod or do I just need more room than 5GB? How much room does it take?

    EDIT: Just opened Cydia again with 7gb open and it gave me the same "storage almost full" notification. It seems to still be loading. (circle is going round n round n round) but will it just get stuck in a loop or will it eventually load?

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