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    Hi all,

    it's my first post in this forum so please be lenient towards me if I didn't choose the correct sub forum.

    I have installed the Gyro HD 3 theme on my iPhone 4 and already did some modifications like other images or replacement of given applications. During these changes I have e.g. replaced the 3rd app in the bottom bar (I think it was formaly iTunes?) with the WhatsApp application. This is in general working but I'm still missing the red info icon whenever I receive a new message (like email or missed call).

    What is necessary to get this in place? I tried to compare the mail code of the plist file with the one of the whatsapp application but I still don't get it...

    Thanks in advance.

    OK. This is already solved. I found another thread here in the forum where someone else already asked for the same.

    Next question would be: How can I customise the weather notification in the middle of the screen? Currently there appears "Pacific -4" (I have already changed it from Fa to Ce). But how can I change Pacific to the location/city I'm interested in?

    Thanks in advance.
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