1. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Hi everyone
    Don't know where to post this as never posted a thread before (only replied on threads)
    I need to contact surik about a theme I brought of cydia wasn't able to download it and made contact with the themer but he has just keeps giving me a crock of s*** story all the time
    I've been waiting 3 weeks and still nothing from him
    I want to report him as we'll and get a refund
    If I've had trouble with other themes the themers have always sorted it out for me but this one seems to be a con man, taking people's money and doing nothing
    Proof I've brought the theme
    2013-02-22 04:52 PM
  2. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Scroll down an click contact IC from maciti. Tell him the problem or go over to maciti form
    2013-02-22 05:15 PM
  3. littlelisa63's Avatar
    I've already contacted i*C but haven't had a reply back
    2013-02-22 05:32 PM
  4. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Wish u luck with the Haz3
    2013-02-22 05:52 PM
  5. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Will never buy anything from this con man ever again...
    2013-02-22 06:01 PM
  6. jokerg7's Avatar
    Oh no u bought from the haz. You may be SOL with this one Lisa
    2013-02-22 06:19 PM
  7. hemptation's Avatar
    wonder why everyone bashes on him, and you don't get support. email [email protected] that is his wife. and she will, or should take care of you Lisa hope this helps
    2013-02-22 06:45 PM
  8. primalscream.40's Avatar
    Oh no u bought from the haz. You may be SOL with this one Lisa
    I was thinking worse to say but I'll bite my Tounge 😁
    2013-02-22 06:47 PM
  9. hemptation's Avatar
    right, no need in bashing……but i think we all know the truth…..except for lisa ha ha I kidd i kidd

    hope you get this resolved
    2013-02-22 07:00 PM
  10. Fattone66's Avatar
    Good luck with him. Try twitter he's always there.
    2013-02-22 07:29 PM
  11. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Well I think I've learnt my lesson
    I know that all you themers/modders etc are genuine
    How do you close a thread you've started???
    as don't want to cause any strife between decent peeps on here
    I've had my moan so it's rant over now
    2013-02-22 07:38 PM
  12. Simon's Avatar
    Moved to discussion section. The theme launch section is just for themes. Thanks.
    2013-02-22 07:41 PM