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    Hello all,

    I tried to find the artwork of ios6 extracted somewhere and couldn't.

    So I had to do it myself. I am sharing it here to help the community. The files are not modified in any way!



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    .:Be Like No Other:. // surr3a1.iphone.blog
    2013-02-26 10:34 AM
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    Thanks. Did you check the thread there ?
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    2013-02-26 10:57 AM
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    Hi mate,

    I got the instructions from there but figured out that if it is not in the main post - it is not posted at all.

    I also thought that a post with a clear and simple name would be more easier and helpful for all artists here.
    .:Be Like No Other:. // surr3a1.iphone.blog
    2013-02-26 11:07 AM
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    Thanks a lot, although i (think) i found out everything, its worth a look.

    I also couldnt find it either at the web, just countless threads and posts about how to extract, but for some reason no one posted the files (or im too blind ), so everyone tries to extract for himself.
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    2013-02-26 11:14 AM