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    I just did a full restore to 6.1.2 and rejailbroke my iPad Mini and this issue is still happening.

    Everytime I turn on the ipad, it boots to the 'slide to set up' screen. If I go through the motions, when I click 'start using ipad' it shows the SpringBoard for a split second and then crashes and boots back to the 'slide to set up' screen.

    I can get out of this and go to the springboard because I have card switcher installed but if I try to quit out of the set up screen, the system crashes and reboots. Also, I can get to the SpringBoard and use Dasdhboard X or NC widgets but no apps launch no matter how I try to launch them. So, I think there must be some tweak conflicts happening but I can't launch CrashReporter.

    It seems to me that the mechanism that allows apps to launch, is making the system crash. Like some restriction that gets removed after you go through the set up screens. Can anyone think of tweaks that would interfere with this?

    Before I restored, there was some FolderEnhancer bug that I could reliably do to send the system into SafeMode. In SafeMode, the systems boots normally (no set up screen) and I can use the apps.

    Any advice is welcome!!! Thanks.
    2013-02-27 04:27 PM
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    Bumpp please!
    2013-02-27 07:43 PM