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    Hello all, Im mostly a noob when it comes to modding and all this stuff on the iphone. But Im learning

    I have a small issue. I downloaded the Glasklart 3.2 theme from cydia and activated all the themes I wanted in winterboard.

    Now all of it seems to work except the "Glasklart Phone". The dialer is still the same as the original one even though it's activated in winterboard.... Sometimes when I open the phone dialer I see the glasklart dialer theme theme for just a second and then it goes back to the original one again... Kinda like when you change a font with bytafont and you start the message app for the first time after changing and you still see the old font for some seconds THEN changes into the new one...

    Oh and Im using a regular iPhone 4 with ios 5.1.1 if that matters...

    Any help here would be nice..

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    2013-02-27 10:55 PM
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    Is it in correct order in winter board sometimes that has a lot to do with the theme.

    Moved thread to proper spot
    2013-02-27 10:59 PM
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    If it is in the correct order? What exactly do you mean by that?
    2013-02-27 11:04 PM
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    Open winterboard up and take a screenshot and post it here.
    2013-02-27 11:06 PM
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    Glasklart phone issue!-img_1462.pngGlasklart phone issue!-img_1461.png

    Ok well here goes.. is this what you mean?
    2013-02-27 11:14 PM
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    Yep see how ya have them spread out put them close together like this.

    Glasklart phone issue!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1362003338.301331.jpg
    2013-02-27 11:15 PM
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    Okay, I tried that.. still doesn't seem to work though....
    2013-02-27 11:21 PM
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    You respringed huh? Put the phone one all the up top check it uncheck all the others so just that one is active and respring and see
    2013-02-27 11:27 PM
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    Yeah I did respring... Ok now I've also tried to uncheck all, even phone. Respringed, put phone up top, checked it and then repspringed again... and still no go :/.... I've even checked the files for the phone theme in iFile and viewed them with the image viewer... they are there and should work.. don't get it :P

    EDIT: Ok i just tried killing the phone app from the switcher (when double clicking the home button) and when I start it again I see the glasklart dialer for a few seconds and then back to the original as I said before.... this happens everytime when I kill the phone app.

    This is really wierd
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    Agree very weird. Maybe see if they have a thread with this theme and post ya question in there. I don't know what else to do sorry
    2013-02-28 12:18 AM
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    Are all the files named correctly? Has it been updated for 5.1.1? The flash you maybe seeing could be the default image being displayed when the app is initialized. The iOS does this with every app until the control surfaces are in position and ready for usd. Gives it like a 1-2 sec buffer.

    I would be comparing all the filenames side by side to the stock MobilePhone app.

    If its not named correctly it won't theme


    I see it on Cydia I'll download it tonight and take a look.

    Looks like its updated accordingly but will take a look later when home.
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    2013-02-28 03:31 AM
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    Thank you jato for the help on mobile and really can't play on phone while at work
    2013-02-28 03:37 AM
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    Thank you jato for the help on mobile and really can't play on phone while at work
    Same here!! :-o
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    2013-02-28 03:48 AM
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    Ok, i downloaded and had a look, this theme has been updated for iOS 6 so it wont work on iOS 5 as all the filenames have changed. I have however renamed the files needed and provided a zip.

    There is one issue, the CALL button and the way the theme works isnt correct. So here is a screenshot of it on my 4S on 5.1.1

    Glasklart phone issue!-img_2379.png

    I mucked around with it a bit but this is the best I could get it, when you press the CALL button it wont show a pressed image like the keypad does. Thats cos the Call button is actually a 6 pixel wide image that is resized the length of the CALL button area, this applies for the CALL PRESSED slice too, you cant add the button as the theme creator does because it just selects that 6px area and stretches anyway, it looks horrible stretched.


    You can download the full FIX HERE

    Simply unzip it, drop it into the same area where the rest of the Glaskart theme is


    I have named it "Glasklart PhoneFIX.theme" select it via WinterBoard and you should be good to go!
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    2013-02-28 08:31 AM
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    Hey Jato! I was suspecting that it was for ios 6, As I said Im kind of a noob when it comes to all this "modding" but the reason why it doesnt work with ios 5 is really out of my expertise :P. I mean it's still the same phone and same size and all that.. why would which ios it is be an issue.. Oh well

    But thanks alot! Im gonna do that as soon I as I get home! The issue with the call button seems like a minor one. Good job there!
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    2013-03-01 11:10 AM
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    Works great! (except the dial button. But as I said, a minor issue) So thanks again man!
    2013-03-01 03:03 PM
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    Works great! (except the dial button. But as I said, a minor issue) So thanks again man!
    Happy to help! Theming the call button is tricky to the iOS using only a 6px wide strip. I managed to beat it on my theme but mine doesn't use a grainy effect like this theme does!
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    2013-03-02 01:56 AM
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    Hello, I'm really sorry to revive this old thread. But it seems that I'm in need of help one more time..... I'm not quite sure why I have not yet realized this until now but it seems that the weather app is also not working as it should :P. Same problem as the phone app, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the file names should be for the iOS5. Because I'm suspecting that the problem is the same as it was with the phone app. I tried adding "~iphone" at the end as the phone files had that and the weather files didn't. But it didn't work...

    Any help would be great! Thanks!
    2013-07-05 12:14 AM