1. ace62boogie's Avatar
    hi i'm a newbie i was with android for a while flashing roms and rooting and what not but came back to apple and i love the new iphone 5. I currently have the verizon wireless as a carrier and i just jailbroke my iphone 5 and i love all the tweaks you can do. I have a question and i'm sure its definitely stupid. But using tetherme or any of the tethering apps on Cydia will i get charged for it or will verizon know i'm using them? thanks in advanced
    2013-03-03 11:40 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Depends on how you use it. Don't go crazy with it only thing really I can say. I been using mywi since back in the day and never had a problem with AT&T with it
    2013-03-03 11:45 PM