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    Hi All,

    Super newbie here! I've had a jail broken phone for a while now and updated to io6 and reinstalled Cydia, stumbled across the Edgy themes and widgets (they look perfect) - which I then purchased.

    All installed fine, I've got a couple of questions which are beyond my JB experiance.

    So I was wondering if anyone cound answer the following, or point me in the right direction...

    Screen shots below:

    1. To remove the original clock on the LS, is it a case of shuffling the order of Edgy products within Winterboard?

    2. The button to slide and unlock has disappeared too, is this also something that needs to be adjusted within Winterboard?

    3. On the SB do I need to change the language within iFile? To correct the French in the weather widget and German (?) next to the time? If that is correct does anyone know where to go within iFile to locate this - I have looked but all seems to have language "en" selected.

    Last question...

    4. Is there a way of bringing the folders and icons closer together, I've purchased Springtomize2 and cant seem to see where an option for this.

    Edgy Theme help-img_3132.pngEdgy Theme help-img_3133.png

    Love the product, just needs a little pulling together (my side)!

    Hope that makes sense, thank you in advanced!


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    Hey Chem85, let me try answering your questions.
    1. To remove the lockscreen clock, download lockscreen clockhide from Cydia.
    2. As for the lockscreen slider, I have to check my Edgy files for that. (but maybe someone will check your post and answer your questions also.)
    3. For the SB language, yeah you can change it using iFile. Just try checking if there's Config.js there (I don't quite remember the files) and you can change it from there
    4. YES, there is a way to customize your sb icons by using Iconoclasm. Iconoclasm works perfectly on iOS6 now so you can fire away and either create your own layout using Iconoclasm layout maker or just download a layout from Cydia.
    Hope these helps.
    2013-03-06 12:01 PM
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    Thanks for your reply!

    1. Tick - school boy error I remember using clockhide before!

    3. I have gone into the Config.js file and all seems correct with "en" selected. I might try selecting "fr", respring and then go back to "en" to see if these helps force the change.

    4. Awesome, I didn't know it was working on ios6 - so will use that!

    Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it!
    2013-03-06 12:13 PM
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